My First Blog Post

Listen to your voice. No one else can hear it. Tell your story. No one else can speak it. Run after your passion. No one else can catch it. Being true to the person you were created to be is the best gift you can give yourself, your family, and the world.

— Joel Boggess.

Blog with D33 D33

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

100 Days To Code

I recently started my journey with learning to code. One challenge I have accepted while training at Kenzie Academy is the 100 days to code challenge. I can not wait to see how I come out at the end of this journey.

I’m publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me! https://100DaysOfCode.com #100DaysOfCode

Covid-19 Global Pandemic

As a child, as a mother of children, as a wife… This virus brings panic and havoc in our society as we know it. The ones that we could once turn to for advice or healing we don’t even know if we can count on them at this point. We are locked in our homes with nothing but prayer to turn to. We can only watch the news and receive what they tell us. Where did this virus stem from? How can we not be prepared as a whole for something this serious? We are so far ahead in technology and even medically how were we blind sided? Fears, anxiety, our minds are going crazy… Every cough, every sneeze we wonder do you have the virus? We wear mask over our face and gloves on our hands, hand sanitizer can not be found or rubbing alcohol, not even antibactieral soap ! Why isnt all soap antibacterial? Doctor appointments are cancelled if they are not urgent. ER’s are refusing patients. We seen one of our largest facilities in MI turned into a hospital pretty much.. I believe they said its 900 beds for treatment. CORONAVIRUS!!! Cruise ships are stranded and many people are dying. So many fears, so many thoughts!!! Every Facebook post we wonder when we open the page is it someone’s death date or their birthday showing on the timeline. Many people are creating quarantine challenges and we even have older people downloading apps such as TikTok and actually enjoying it. These little things are our new norm. If you are into singing, try downloading Smule. Listening to podcast, playing board games, and even some internet providers are providing free internet. The whole world has stopped…unless you are an essential worker, you work from home. Schools are completely closed down, kids are getting adjusted to online learning. Money does not even seem to be relevant at this time. Phone providers, mortgages/rent, schools, car notes, stores, shops all have shut down…what in the world is going on? This is nothing that we have seen before. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but one thing I can say for sure is that I am very grateful that my loved ones that have passed before me are not here to suffer from this virus. My aunt who preceded me in death last year would not have made it through this, not only was she a nurse but she cared for so many people and had health issues herself. She would have studied this disease and researched the necessary precautions for me and my family. I really miss her. She was my safe place. I am no writer, not even sure why I signed up for this blog site lol, but I guess I can use this space until my year is up. Anyways… How are you feeling? What have you done to be creative during the quarantine? Where is your safe place? How has COVID- 19 changed your life? What is the one thing you want to do when you get out of quarantine? I just want to be free…

I will take this time to thank ALL ESSENTIAL WORKERS… The little things I wont take for granted anymore.

Promise To Myself

I have made a promise to myself that I will not be in the same place as I am this time next year. I’m determined to start my journey with coding. I’m going to join a coding boot camp as a start to move me forward in my career. This is day 7 of this journey and I’m am pushing past fears that are holding me back. I am going to show my children that it’s never too late to persevere . Sometimes all we need is a title push and some resources. For once I’m grateful for Facebook ads and career karma popped up on my timeline. This site has soooo many resources and so many great networking opportunities! The only thing that could hold me back is Me!

Little Moments: Tooth Fairy

This is where parenting moments are most precious. I went into my son room this morning and found the letter pictured above. When I read this, it made my heart smile. My son lost a tooth a few weeks ago while in school. He got in the car and he showed me that the tooth was missing from his mouth, however he didnt have a tooth with him! He said he lost it while playing football in school. He had it in his hand and I guess he lost it while trying to catch the football. Well yesterday, he lost another tooth at home. He went into the kitchen to secure it this time and put it in a baggie, but then dropped it under the oven. He said that he tried to get it from under the oven and then it disappeared. I really didn’t think he still believed in the the tooth fairy, especially since it has been a while that he had lost a tooth. Needless to say, I will be keeping his little note and making sure the tooth fairy comes tonight! These are moments that some parents are not able to be around for, that some choose not to be around for, and some are around but so busy that these little moments slide right on by. I am very grateful that I am active in my children’s life and that we can share these moments for years to come. I love you son.

Low Income Setback

It seems like when you want to move up in life , things keep knocking you down. The mindset in America is that if you are low income you have to really be on the very low income side in order to reap benefits of things. An example would be DTE ENERGY company. They are a monopoly where I live and we are forced to use there service for gas an electric . The rates are terribly high, they only offer programs for very low income people in which even if you are middle class you still wouldn’t be able to afford them. They removed me off of a program (in which it was a great program for low income people) and I do admit I was late a couple of times, however the problem is when I called customer service for assistance because my bill is too high where I can’t afford to pay it all at once , they told me I had to pay $600 for down payment on the program. Who in the world would be able to pay that in one lump sum and then that amount per month? I mean they didn’t have any other offer. Outside of me getting a shut off notice then I can turn to another source for help but I have to wait until I am in shut off status! My only option is to pay off the whole balance of $1300 or shut off within a couple of days. I used to be in a low income housing at one point as well. The program was great and it was my first place on my own. When I began to move up in my career and had to show my check stubs of course the rent goes up. I totally understand the concept that eventually I would be paying market rate, but it seems like the programs are designed to keep you in a state of mind to choose either to work and struggle more or let someone help me by not working to struggle less. If I didn’t work at all my rent would be $0 , to me it doesn’t help people to become independent, it’s like the system is designed to keep you down rather than lift you up. But this is just a rant that I needed to get off my chest. Thanks for listening .

Where being a student pays off

Ever tried searching the web for good deals and could not find much? Well, here is one deal that you will be sure to love.  Amazon Prime Student is free for college students for 6 months.  After the 6 months, they will off you Amazon prime at 50% off! You can not beat that.  As a prime student memeber you are offered free two day shipping and even unlimited streaming of prime videos.  With everything being online nowadays, you just can not beat that.  I have taken heed of this great offer and its many benefits.  All you have to do is register with your college email address. Even if dont have an email address with your college (if you use your personal email), then you just need to send a copy of your transcript.  Its really simple and easy.  Try It Today!

I really enjoyed signing up for this because it was no hassle and they moved fast to get me enrolled in the program.  There are so many other programs out there for students from movie theaters to clothing compaines. You will never know the perks of being a student unless you ask! Hope this helps save you in your future online spending :). 

Raging Sound

Do your kids put headphones in each time they get in the car? Do they have headphones on while playing their game? Do they walk around just tuning you out? Well, this parent here sure has these common issues. I have a 13, 9, and 4 year old who all have different personalities. The two youngest both want to be just like the oldest child. My oldest is in 8th grade this year, he is a senior now, cool kid in the school, football player and has all the cool friends that play Fortnite with him. My middle child is learning how to become a good big brother, while accepting that he is no longer the baby. The 4 year old thinks he is the boss of everyone and that he is always right. I wonder what is going on in their little minds that they can just tune out the rest of the world. Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite is one commonality in my house that contributes to them drowning out everything around them. The little one loves his phone and watching youtube. He can keep up with his phone better than the oldest two. The middle kid is into listening to music, playing Fortnite, and playing basketball. The world they live in is all about them and I wonder what life feels like from their point of view? They often say that what they have to do as kid is hard, but what they fail to realize is when they grow up, life becomes only what you make it.

I remember calling out my son's name, Tre! pause….Tre! pause ….TREEEE! He then yells back downstairs, YESSSS in an exaggerating tone as if I am the one that is getting on his nerves. I was just going to ask, was he ready to eat, but you know the game was far more important. The kids run in from school, outside or wherever they are to close up in their rooms and yell at each other on the game. I will never understand this concept of wanting to yell and play a game all day. My son's told me this was called raging. Raging is a term that is used in a gamer's world (Fortnite) where the kids yell and scream to the top of their lungs. I have come out my room many times to a piercing scream and even the neighbors probably wondered what happened over here , to only find out that one of their friends on the game didn't do something right. Raging is a common thing in my house when they are playing the game, but I don't put up with it. This concept has caused them to lose gaming privileges for days and even weeks! Once, they almost missed the whole summer of playing video games because they couldn't act like civilized human beings (Mom Vs Fortnite).

Raising three boys have really made me rethink how things were done when I was a child. We didnt yell while playing games, we sure didn't talk to each other through a game unless the other person was in the room and we didn't think of playing with strangers because we barely had internet! Some things my boys have taught me along the way are to actively listen to them, remove distractions and take time to sit and truly hear them out. I believe that most of the silent tuning out has come from a world of technology and social media. We have to teach our children to respect one another, treat others as they would want to be treated and hear the next person out. We can all sit in one room and each one of us will not speak because we are all into our phones. I wonder if I turned off the internet, took the phones and games for a week could they actually be civilized to one another?

MOM vs Fortnite

Growing up games had true meaning! It was a point to beat the game and then this generation has Fortnite!  My children constantly ask me to purchase skins or something related to the “free” game.  The kids have told me about a brand new feature called Community Choice, which allows the players the power to choose what comes back in the item shop.  Now as a parent this is actually helpful for me because when funds are low, I can actually say NO, to my son who wants the one item that only comes out once in a life time in the item shop.  

The makers of Fortnite were genous! The game is free to download and offered on many platforms.  There is an online store that offers many enhancements such as outfits, gliders, harvesting tools and weapons.  The makers of Fortnite saught to have it where some items disappear within 24 hours, which is one reason my kids bargon during school nights or even school mornings to hop on the game and check out the item shop.  They wait for special days to come in order to see whats new.  

As a parent anything that can grasp my children attention like that, I need to dig deeper into it to see why they are so curious.  I found out there is an online forum where the community can host games, they can talk to one another and team up with many people around the world.  This generation is socially awkward but behind the gaming console and on a game of Battle Royale they become empowered and even more engaging.  I was totally against Fortnite in the beginning, but I have seen it bring out some good qualities in my children, such as leader ship skills, more vocal and reading things that I didnt know that one of them could.  

As a mom and I love to see my kids smile, Fortnite won!!! 

About D33 D33

I’m starting this post to express myself in more ways than one. Also to find others that have similar interest. My blog will contain topics from parenting, to technology, to marriage, or something as simple as raising a 4 year old (maybe not so simple, but you get the point). Im at a point in life where I am trying to find myself and this may help me, especially being that I usually stick to myself. I know there are many like-minded people out there just like me. I am naturally patient and get many people that ask me questions (about topics that they know I am familiar with) in which I have a knack for breaking things down in a simpler form so that others will understand. I often think of teaching things to the not so tech savvy and to the ones that want to learn more about computers or technology in general and are not afraid to learn.

I’m blogging here rather than keeping a public journal to unveil who I really am, and that others may not have known me to be while expressing myself in a fashion that is comfortable for me rather than keeping it bottled inside. In the process I will also share links for great deals and ideas as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I would like to connect to all audiences from adolescents to elders. My hobbies include watching sports, playing games, playing volleyball or basketball, bowling, or really anything competitive. I enjoy much needed family time. I am getting into coding using java and the android platform. I have found a new interest through work of sql. I just hope to reach out to someone and they benefit from me sharing my world with them and interacting and learning something new from others around the world.