100 Days To Code

I recently started my journey with learning to code. One challenge I have accepted while training at Kenzie Academy is the 100 days to code challenge. I can not wait to see how I come out at the end of this journey. I’m publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and JoinContinue reading “100 Days To Code”

Covid-19 Global Pandemic

As a child, as a mother of children, as a wife… This virus brings panic and havoc in our society as we know it. The ones that we could once turn to for advice or healing we don’t even know if we can count on them at this point. We are locked in our homesContinue reading “Covid-19 Global Pandemic”

Little Moments: Tooth Fairy

This is where parenting moments are most precious. I went into my son room this morning and found the letter pictured above. When I read this, it made my heart smile. My son lost a tooth a few weeks ago while in school. He got in the car and he showed me that the toothContinue reading “Little Moments: Tooth Fairy”

About D33 D33

I’m starting this post to express myself in more ways than one. Also to find others that have similar interest. My blog will contain topics from parenting, to technology, to marriage, or something as simple as raising a 4 year old (maybe not so simple, but you get the point). Im at a point inContinue reading “About D33 D33”