Covid-19 Global Pandemic

As a child, as a mother of children, as a wife… This virus brings panic and havoc in our society as we know it. The ones that we could once turn to for advice or healing we don’t even know if we can count on them at this point. We are locked in our homes with nothing but prayer to turn to. We can only watch the news and receive what they tell us. Where did this virus stem from? How can we not be prepared as a whole for something this serious? We are so far ahead in technology and even medically how were we blind sided? Fears, anxiety, our minds are going crazy… Every cough, every sneeze we wonder do you have the virus? We wear mask over our face and gloves on our hands, hand sanitizer can not be found or rubbing alcohol, not even antibactieral soap ! Why isnt all soap antibacterial? Doctor appointments are cancelled if they are not urgent. ER’s are refusing patients. We seen one of our largest facilities in MI turned into a hospital pretty much.. I believe they said its 900 beds for treatment. CORONAVIRUS!!! Cruise ships are stranded and many people are dying. So many fears, so many thoughts!!! Every Facebook post we wonder when we open the page is it someone’s death date or their birthday showing on the timeline. Many people are creating quarantine challenges and we even have older people downloading apps such as TikTok and actually enjoying it. These little things are our new norm. If you are into singing, try downloading Smule. Listening to podcast, playing board games, and even some internet providers are providing free internet. The whole world has stopped…unless you are an essential worker, you work from home. Schools are completely closed down, kids are getting adjusted to online learning. Money does not even seem to be relevant at this time. Phone providers, mortgages/rent, schools, car notes, stores, shops all have shut down…what in the world is going on? This is nothing that we have seen before. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but one thing I can say for sure is that I am very grateful that my loved ones that have passed before me are not here to suffer from this virus. My aunt who preceded me in death last year would not have made it through this, not only was she a nurse but she cared for so many people and had health issues herself. She would have studied this disease and researched the necessary precautions for me and my family. I really miss her. She was my safe place. I am no writer, not even sure why I signed up for this blog site lol, but I guess I can use this space until my year is up. Anyways… How are you feeling? What have you done to be creative during the quarantine? Where is your safe place? How has COVID- 19 changed your life? What is the one thing you want to do when you get out of quarantine? I just want to be free…

I will take this time to thank ALL ESSENTIAL WORKERS… The little things I wont take for granted anymore.

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