Little Moments: Tooth Fairy

This is where parenting moments are most precious. I went into my son room this morning and found the letter pictured above. When I read this, it made my heart smile. My son lost a tooth a few weeks ago while in school. He got in the car and he showed me that the tooth was missing from his mouth, however he didnt have a tooth with him! He said he lost it while playing football in school. He had it in his hand and I guess he lost it while trying to catch the football. Well yesterday, he lost another tooth at home. He went into the kitchen to secure it this time and put it in a baggie, but then dropped it under the oven. He said that he tried to get it from under the oven and then it disappeared. I really didn’t think he still believed in the the tooth fairy, especially since it has been a while that he had lost a tooth. Needless to say, I will be keeping his little note and making sure the tooth fairy comes tonight! These are moments that some parents are not able to be around for, that some choose not to be around for, and some are around but so busy that these little moments slide right on by. I am very grateful that I am active in my children’s life and that we can share these moments for years to come. I love you son.

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