Low Income Setback

It seems like when you want to move up in life , things keep knocking you down. The mindset in America is that if you are low income you have to really be on the very low income side in order to reap benefits of things. An example would be DTE ENERGY company. They are a monopoly where I live and we are forced to use there service for gas an electric . The rates are terribly high, they only offer programs for very low income people in which even if you are middle class you still wouldn’t be able to afford them. They removed me off of a program (in which it was a great program for low income people) and I do admit I was late a couple of times, however the problem is when I called customer service for assistance because my bill is too high where I can’t afford to pay it all at once , they told me I had to pay $600 for down payment on the program. Who in the world would be able to pay that in one lump sum and then that amount per month? I mean they didn’t have any other offer. Outside of me getting a shut off notice then I can turn to another source for help but I have to wait until I am in shut off status! My only option is to pay off the whole balance of $1300 or shut off within a couple of days. I used to be in a low income housing at one point as well. The program was great and it was my first place on my own. When I began to move up in my career and had to show my check stubs of course the rent goes up. I totally understand the concept that eventually I would be paying market rate, but it seems like the programs are designed to keep you in a state of mind to choose either to work and struggle more or let someone help me by not working to struggle less. If I didn’t work at all my rent would be $0 , to me it doesn’t help people to become independent, it’s like the system is designed to keep you down rather than lift you up. But this is just a rant that I needed to get off my chest. Thanks for listening .

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