Raging Sound

Do your kids put headphones in each time they get in the car? Do they have headphones on while playing their game? Do they walk around just tuning you out? Well, this parent here sure has these common issues. I have a 13, 9, and 4 year old who all have different personalities. The two youngest both want to be just like the oldest child. My oldest is in 8th grade this year, he is a senior now, cool kid in the school, football player and has all the cool friends that play Fortnite with him. My middle child is learning how to become a good big brother, while accepting that he is no longer the baby. The 4 year old thinks he is the boss of everyone and that he is always right. I wonder what is going on in their little minds that they can just tune out the rest of the world. Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite is one commonality in my house that contributes to them drowning out everything around them. The little one loves his phone and watching youtube. He can keep up with his phone better than the oldest two. The middle kid is into listening to music, playing Fortnite, and playing basketball. The world they live in is all about them and I wonder what life feels like from their point of view? They often say that what they have to do as kid is hard, but what they fail to realize is when they grow up, life becomes only what you make it.

I remember calling out my son's name, Tre! pause….Tre! pause ….TREEEE! He then yells back downstairs, YESSSS in an exaggerating tone as if I am the one that is getting on his nerves. I was just going to ask, was he ready to eat, but you know the game was far more important. The kids run in from school, outside or wherever they are to close up in their rooms and yell at each other on the game. I will never understand this concept of wanting to yell and play a game all day. My son's told me this was called raging. Raging is a term that is used in a gamer's world (Fortnite) where the kids yell and scream to the top of their lungs. I have come out my room many times to a piercing scream and even the neighbors probably wondered what happened over here , to only find out that one of their friends on the game didn't do something right. Raging is a common thing in my house when they are playing the game, but I don't put up with it. This concept has caused them to lose gaming privileges for days and even weeks! Once, they almost missed the whole summer of playing video games because they couldn't act like civilized human beings (Mom Vs Fortnite).

Raising three boys have really made me rethink how things were done when I was a child. We didnt yell while playing games, we sure didn't talk to each other through a game unless the other person was in the room and we didn't think of playing with strangers because we barely had internet! Some things my boys have taught me along the way are to actively listen to them, remove distractions and take time to sit and truly hear them out. I believe that most of the silent tuning out has come from a world of technology and social media. We have to teach our children to respect one another, treat others as they would want to be treated and hear the next person out. We can all sit in one room and each one of us will not speak because we are all into our phones. I wonder if I turned off the internet, took the phones and games for a week could they actually be civilized to one another?

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