MOM vs Fortnite

Growing up games had true meaning! It was a point to beat the game and then this generation has Fortnite!  My children constantly ask me to purchase skins or something related to the “free” game.  The kids have told me about a brand new feature called Community Choice, which allows the players the power to choose what comes back in the item shop.  Now as a parent this is actually helpful for me because when funds are low, I can actually say NO, to my son who wants the one item that only comes out once in a life time in the item shop.  

The makers of Fortnite were genous! The game is free to download and offered on many platforms.  There is an online store that offers many enhancements such as outfits, gliders, harvesting tools and weapons.  The makers of Fortnite saught to have it where some items disappear within 24 hours, which is one reason my kids bargon during school nights or even school mornings to hop on the game and check out the item shop.  They wait for special days to come in order to see whats new.  

As a parent anything that can grasp my children attention like that, I need to dig deeper into it to see why they are so curious.  I found out there is an online forum where the community can host games, they can talk to one another and team up with many people around the world.  This generation is socially awkward but behind the gaming console and on a game of Battle Royale they become empowered and even more engaging.  I was totally against Fortnite in the beginning, but I have seen it bring out some good qualities in my children, such as leader ship skills, more vocal and reading things that I didnt know that one of them could.  

As a mom and I love to see my kids smile, Fortnite won!!! 

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