About D33 D33

I’m starting this post to express myself in more ways than one. Also to find others that have similar interest. My blog will contain topics from parenting, to technology, to marriage, or something as simple as raising a 4 year old (maybe not so simple, but you get the point). Im at a point in life where I am trying to find myself and this may help me, especially being that I usually stick to myself. I know there are many like-minded people out there just like me. I am naturally patient and get many people that ask me questions (about topics that they know I am familiar with) in which I have a knack for breaking things down in a simpler form so that others will understand. I often think of teaching things to the not so tech savvy and to the ones that want to learn more about computers or technology in general and are not afraid to learn.

I’m blogging here rather than keeping a public journal to unveil who I really am, and that others may not have known me to be while expressing myself in a fashion that is comfortable for me rather than keeping it bottled inside. In the process I will also share links for great deals and ideas as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I would like to connect to all audiences from adolescents to elders. My hobbies include watching sports, playing games, playing volleyball or basketball, bowling, or really anything competitive. I enjoy much needed family time. I am getting into coding using java and the android platform. I have found a new interest through work of sql. I just hope to reach out to someone and they benefit from me sharing my world with them and interacting and learning something new from others around the world.

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